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    Model Name: CA-V5W
    GPS Chip: UBLOX
    GPS Sensitivity: -159dBm
    Size: 90mm*33mm*15mm
    Weight: 67g
    Waterproof: IP67
    Power supply: DC9V to 80V
    Battery: Build-in 3.7V 140mAh Li-ion battery
    Relay: No
    Color: Black
    CE Certification: Yes
    GPS Antenna: Ceramic Antenna
    Product introduction:
    CA-V5W GPS Tracker:
    1. Built-in GPS Antenna and GSM Antenna.
    2. Power cable contains three lines. Power positive, GND and Ignition line.
    3. IP67 waterproof level
    4. UBLOX GPS Chip and MTK GSM Chip.
    5. Vibration sensor and built-in battery 140mAh
    6. Wide input voltage DC9V-80V
    Main features:
    1. Real Time tracking and history track.
    2. It supports IP67 waterproof level.
    3. Vibration alarm, Power off alarm and movement alarm
    4. Geo Fence alarm and speeding alarm.
    5. Ignition status report
    6. Mileage statistics
    LED indicator:
    1. Yellow LED stands for GSM signal
    A. Always on stands for GPRS working normally
    B. Flashing stands for GSM initialization
    C. Always dark stands for no GSM signal or sleep mode.
    2. Blue LED stands for GPS signal
    A. Always on stands for GPS working normally
    B. Flashing stands for GPS initialization
    C. Always dark stands for no GPS signal or sleep mode.
    Product Picture:
    1. Insert one 2G GSM SIM Card and open GPRS function.
    2. After you insert the SIM Card, the battery switch will be turned on.
    3. Connect the power cable to vehicle. Red line is power positive, Black line is GND. And yellow line is ignition line.
    4. Hide device in a secret place. And the GPS antenna side should face up to sky.
    Notes: Device with built-in GPS antenna, make sure no any metal above the device.

    Question 1: Can I install it in truck? The voltage of power is DC24V.
    Yes, no problem. CA-V5W supports wide voltage input DC9V to 80V.
    Question 2: What is IP address of your server?
    Our platform server IP address is
    Question 3: Where can I download your app?
    You can download it from our website.
    Question 4: What protocol CA-V5W supports?
    It uses TQ protocol.low price Waterproof GPS Tracker