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    Citizen CLU058/CLU550/CLU048 Led Glass Lens borosilicate for street light
    RH-SL-43 Glass Lens is designed for high Power Led chips such as 30W-200W COB with wide beam angle 70 * 150 degree with asymmetrical light pattern , also supply mounting accessories- sealing gasket and SUS304 stainless steel holder or Aluminum holder
    RH-SL-43 Optical Main Parameter
    Item NoRH-SL-43
    Lens Dimension107 x 87 mm
    Beam Angle75 x 150 degree , Asymmetrical light pattern
    Glass Lens MaterialHigh Borosilicate glass 3.3
    Light transmittanceAbove 94% ( If AR coating , can be up to 99.5%)
    Reflective Index1.474
    Working temperature-50-550 degree
    Sealing gasket materialSilicon material
    Mounting holder materialSUS304 Stainless steel holder or Aluminum material
    IK gradeIK08, if tempered , can pass IK09 impact test
    IP ratingIP67
    Suitable Led wattage20W/25W/30W/35W/40W/45W/50W/60W/65W/70W/80W/90W/100W/120W/150W
    Suitable Led Source TypeBridgelux/Citizen/Cree/Osram/Sharp/Philip/Seoul
    Luxeon and other multichip COB Led Chips
    Main applicationsCan be used for Street lighting, tunnel light, roadway , highway ,pedestrian crossings
    RH-SL-43 Accessories assembly Paramters
    ◆ Type one : 8mm height Silicon Gasket + 8.5mm height Aluminum holder
    ◆ Type two : 12mm height Silicon Gasket + 11.5 mm height stainless steel holder
    RH-SL-43 Optical Parameter
    RH-SL43 Glass Lens Main Advantages
    High Light Transmittance
    Made of Borosilicate glass material, transparent, not be yellow
    Excellent heat resistance
    Excellent IP protection, with waterproof , weatherproof
    Efficiency & low maintenance ,long lifetime and energy saving
    Excellent shock resistance
    Light pollution elimination
    RH-SL-43 Main Applications
    RH-SL-43 Package Detail and Packing Structure
    Packing materialsQ’TY in pcs of LensLength(mm)Width(mm)Height (mm)
    Inner box19311235
    Outer Box1 (60 inner box)403226
    1# Pallet (Middle)1200 (20 outer box)8206601420
    2# Pallet ( Big)1800 (30 outer box)9808201420

    Inner Box Outer Box 1 # Pallet or 2 # Pallet
    Applicable Chip on board Led chips
    Led type Led Model Led Size
    Cree LedCree Xlamp CMT28XX Series27.85 x 27.85 mm
    Cree Xlamp CMA3090/Cree Xlamp CXA/CXB30XX Series 27.35 x 27.35 mm
    Cree Xlamp CMA2550/ Cree Xlamp CXA/CXB25XX Series23.85 x 23.85 mm
    Cree Xlamp CXA3590/CXB3590/ Cree CXA2 Studio34.85 X 34.85 m
    Citizen COB LedCLU731/CLU730/CLU048/CLU046/ CLU044/CLL04228 X 28 mm
    CLU058/CLU550/CLU056/CLU054 / CLL05238 x 38mm
    LUXEON COB LedLUXEON CoB 1204 /1204HD/1205 /1205HD / 120820 x 24 mm
    LUXEON CoB 1211 / LUXEON CoB 1216 / LUXEON CoB 181228 X 28 mm
    LUXEON CoB 1321 / LUXEON CoB 182538 x 38mm
    Samsung COB LedSamsung LC040D / LC040D PC / LC060D / LC080D28 x 28 mm
    Bridgelux COB LedBridgelux Vesta Series20 x 24 mm
    Bridgelux V15 (LES 15mm )21 x 21 mm
    Bridgelux V18 (LES 18mm )24 x 24 mm
    Bridgelux V22 (LES 22mm )28 x 28 mm
    Bridgelux Vero10 (LES 10mm )30.6 mm
    Bridgelux Vero13 (LES 13mm )
    /Bridgelux Vero18 (LES 18mm )36.2 mm
    Bridgelux Vero29 (LES 29mm )49.2 mm
    Luminus COB LedLiminus CVM-27 /CXM-2731. 5 x 31.5 mm
    Liminus CVM-32 / CXM-3238×38 mm
    Liminus CLM-22 / CXM-2228 x 28 mm
    Seoul Semiconductor COB LedSeoul Semiconductor ZC Series28 x 28 mm / 38 x 38mm mm
    LG COB Led42W L-COB G1 / 56W L-COB G1/34W L-COB G2/37W L -COB G228 x 28 mm
    40W F-COB/83W F-COB / 55W L-COB G228 x 28 mm
    115W F-COB / 170W F-COB38 x 38mm
    Nichia COB LedNichia NFCWD084B-V3 / NFCWD096B-V3/NFCWJ108B-V324 X 19 mm
    Nichia NVEWJ048Z-V1 / NFDWJ130B-V3/NFCWJ120B-V324 X 19 mm
    Nichia NFEWH306B-V238 x 38 mm
    Delivery , shipping and Service
    Normally the Lead time is 7-10 working days on receipt of payment, Depend on Customer quantity request
    Can choose courier service , normal air or marine shipping way
    ◆ Reeth can provide professional optics system service , strong R&D team and advanced optical technology
    ◆ OEM & ODM services are available
    ◆ Personalized Service
    ◆ 3 years warranty
    ◆ Excellent after-sale service, if any quality defects and breakages, we will compensate for the lenses free of charge
    ◆ Certificated standard of Quality
    ◆ Reeth can provide free samples for customer prototype
    We offer you to buy high-quality and reliable products
    Are your glass lenses waterproof , weatherproof , explosion-proof and flameproof ?
    → Yes,our glass lenses can be water-poof , weatherproof , explosion-proof and flameproof
    Can your glass lenses work at coal mine places
    → Yes, doing tempered treatment , can be used for coal mine places
    What is the working temperature of your glass lenses
    → our glass lenses can resist minus 50 -550 degree
    Can you produce other glass material except for High borosilicate 3.3
    → Yes, we can , such as K9, B270, Schott ,Pyrex and othersAsymmetrical Street Light Glass Lenses price