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    Product Parameters:
    Product NameWild Africa Theme Park
    Age for3-15 years
    Materialsgalvanized steel pipe, premium paint fastner, eco-friendly plastic, wood, sponge, PVC
    ApplicationFECs, retail shopping centers, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, water parks,aquariums, resorts, community centers and so on.
    PackageBubble film+Thin film
    InstallationFree installation instruction or paid technician abroad
    Warranty1 year

    Product Features:
    1) Wild Africa theme park add natural elements that children love, while bringing children rich visual and tactile experience, various physical training modules are also used to exercise children’s physiological functions.
    2) With reasonable section planning, children of different ages can find their favorite and have infinite joy.
    3) Durable wood structure, new plastic granules, protective cover for edges, we pay attention to every detail to ensure kids’safe playing.
    4) Our professional service team will efficiently design and match according to the playground size and your requirement.
    Naughty Castle
    The project includes modules such as
    slide, ring bridge, climbing frame,
    swing, space swing machine,
    spaceship seat, etc., which integrates
    climbing, rolling, swing etc. While
    strengthening children’s physical
    quality, it also exercises balance and
    judgment, stimulates imaginationBall Pool
    Ball pool is flexible, Haiber will design
    various shapes and programs
    according to the theme, including
    slide, ladder, castle, volcano,
    inflatable shape, trampoline and so
    Role Play
    Kids play different roles and
    reproduce the experiences they
    gain in real life.They use props and
    impersonations to deepen their
    understanding of the world around
    them.Donut Slide
    Just experience skiing without going
    to the mountain in winter, donut slides
    provide you an amazing experience
    that easily creates an athletic
    playground full of energy, fun and
    EPP Blocks
    Building houses, combining toys,
    every child is an artist, blocks make
    the park changeable, kids can build
    their own paradise with unlimited
    imagination.Wave Slide
    Fun and exciting, a space for
    children’s happiness .
    1. Installation instructions can help you to complete the installation work by yourself.
    2. If you need, we can send a professional installation work team to your country,to provide installation guidance serivces. (PAID SERVICES)
    We can make the customized designs according to your location details,the CAD drawing of location will be more helpful. Various products color for your option, if you are interesting to know more, you can directly contact us.
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