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    WPC foam board extrusion line
    WPC foam board extrusion line consists of automatic feeder, conical twin screw extruder, coat hanger type extrusion die, vacuum calibration mould, vacuum cooling table, embossing unit, multi roller traction machine, edge trimming unit, automatic saw cutter, stacker etc.
    WPC foam board machine adopts the latest foam technology, and special design the screw & extrusion mould, it ensure the high efficiency foam, quickly calibration, the screw core temperature controlled by oil system, keep the temperature adjusting automatically, and the screw adopt the vacuum exhaust ensure the moisture volatile enough, it make the WPC foam board surface more shine & hard than the traditional normal technology.
    Feature of WPC extrusion machine:
    1.Effective L/D ratio allows sufficient residence time for excellent homogenization of natural fiber flour with polymers and offers a large surface area for optimal heat transmission during WPC foam board manufacturing process
    2.WPC extruder machine are equipped with multi vent system for removing moisture and volatiles which enhance the product quality.
    3.Volumetric dosing system also offer to control mixing ratio of polymers, additives, profile-grinded scraps and pigment which as an option of WPC machine will be provided.
    4.Products of diversified specification can be produced with different dies. Hauling machine designed by our company, holds features of stable working, high liability, strong hauling force for guarantee WPC extrusion smoothly.
    5.This PVC door manufacturing machine has the features of high output, stable extrusion, high foaming, smooth and wearable surface.
    6.By equipping with the printing machine, laminating machine or hot stamping machine, this board machine can produce different kinds of artificial wood products, so that this machine has a very wide application range.China plastic extrusion machine