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    Name:upvc tilt and turn window
    Size: customized according to the client’s specific requirements
    Profile:60,80 or 88 series
    Thickness : 2.0-2.5mm
    Color : as customers’ needs
    Glass: single or double,tempered glazing,triple glazing
    Hardware: high quality made in China
    Reinforcement steel : good quality
    Opening type:casement,tilt and turn
    Package: foam paper,carton,wooden pallet
    Applicable place:schools,restaurants,commercial buildings and government buildings

    1. when you are inside, will not occupy the indoor space. The curtains can be opened freely, and the lifting hangers will not conflict with the window sashes.
    2, children can play freely when they fall inside, you can also clean the room with ease, and don’t worry about the window corner hitting your head or body.
    3, children play on the windowsill and there will be no danger of falling out of the window.
    4, in the interior, only in the room before closing the window to open the state, so you do not have to worry that the thief will enter the room through the pry window, when you go out, you can open the hanging, always keep the indoor air fresh.
    5, indoor ventilation indoor ventilation, natural ventilation, the wind is blowing from the side of the window, not directly blowing the body, make you feel more comfortable.
    6. When the breeze is drizzle, the raindrops will splash onto the glass and will not splash into the room.
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