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    Application & Features:
    SWP Series Crusher is mainly used for crushing PVC pipe, PVC profile, PPR pipe,HDPE pipe, and plastic door & window, plastic sheet.
    Internal design of SWP Series crusher is rather distinct. It is a new kind of crushing machine used for crushing plastic profiled material with large hardness and tenacity
    Equip with airblowing system and cyclone silo.
    Main Technical Parameter
    Diameter of Rotating Blade160200400550630680
    Rotating Blade Quantity33569pcs/2groups30pcs/6groups
    Rotating Speed of Rotating Blade500650500500480500
    Fixed Blade Quantity22224pcs/2groups6pcs/3groups
    Aperture of ScreenΦ8Φ8Φ10Φ10-Φ14Φ10-Φ16Φ12-Φ25
    Grinding Capacity50-10050-120250-300300-500700-850800-1500
    Power Supply3phase/380V/50Hz or customized
    Plastic Crusher Machine Made in China