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    ◆Our History
    Set up in 2001,the great variety for Benz and BMW rubbers
    ◆Our Factory
    90 employees,15 engineers and technicians
    ◆Our Product
    engine mount,bush,flex disc,strut mount,transmission mount and other rubber parts.
    ◆Product Application
    Auto rubber for Benz and BMW
    ◆Our Certificate
    ISO9001,Wenzhou High-tech Developing Company
    ◆Production Equipment
    2 CNC,10 vulcanizing machine,more than 20 punchers
    ◆Production Market
    More than 30millions for annual output value.our customers included most Germany famous companies.
    ◆Our service
    GOOD QUALITY,GUARRANTEE 12 MONTH FOR RUBBER PARTSChina 22116770793 manufacturers