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    Zhengzhou Yili Machinery Co., Ltd., ISO9001:2008 certified, is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China.
    ZhengZhou Yili Co., Ltd., mainly specialize in iron and steel casting,forging parts, stamping parts, and precision machining with superior quality and competitive prices.
    We supply the casting parts, forging parts, stamping parts, and precision machining according to the drawings or samples from customers, following customer-designated standards such as ASTM, BS, DIN or JIS. Our products are used in many industrial fields such as autos, trucks & trailers, trains, oil and gas pipelines, machinery equipment, pumps and power devices etc.. Our products are mostly exported to North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan, and we have established long-term and close relationships with our customers with our good quality and excellent service.
    Through over ten years of development, we have accumulated abundant experience and are making progress. All staff members in Yili have a common faith of “improve the production using advanced technique, and provide products with perfect performance and competitive price to our customers”.
    The material standards we have used:
    1. Carbon Steel Casting: ASTM A27 (Grade 60-30, 65-35, and70-36)
    2. Grey Iron Casting: ASTM A48 (Class 20 A B C S; Class 25 A B C S; Class 30 A B C S; Class 35 A B C S)
    3. Grey Iron Castings used on valve flanges and pipes: ASTM A126-04 (Class A B C)
    4. High Manganese Steel Casting: ASTM A128/128M-93
    5. Structure High Strength Steel: ASTM A148 (80-40, 80-50, 90-60, and105-85)
    6. Grey Iron Castings used on vehicles: ASTM A159 (G 2500a; G 3500b)
    7. Carbon Steel Casting used in high temperature with good weldability: ASTM A216 (WCA, WCB, and WCC)
    8. Pressure Steel Castings: ASTM A487/487M
    9. Wear-resistant Ductile Iron Casting: ASTM A532/A522M (12%Cr; 15%Cr-Mo) ,ASTM A897
    10. Ductile Iron Casting: ASTM A536-84
    11. Aluminum Casting: ASTM B26 (A355,A356), ASTM B108, ASTM B618, ASTM B85(A360,A380,A390),ADC10,ADC12,ADC14
    12 Stainless steel Casting: ASTM A743((CF-3M,CF-8M,CF8.CF3), ANSI 304,304L,316,316L
    About Price: different material, production process, structure, machining requirements and surface treatment requirements will have different production cost. We will quote the exact price according to the drawings requirements .ring forging supplier