Recommendation System For Hopscotch

This recommendation system will allow you to search and locate research works deeply related to the Research Topic that you are working on. As of today (04/19/2022) the system searches and retrieves studies from the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), an online library of education research and information, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education.
Describe in plain language your Research Topic. The resource that you will find in the following link will help you properly define your topic:
In addition to defining your Research Topic, you can also include a search term, The Paradigmatic Positioning or WorldView that you will be bringing to the study that you are designing. You can find information of the main WorldViews in the following link:

The important terms that should be included in any Literature Review are: a) Topical Research b) Theoretical Frameworks. They define topical research (what you are searching for when using Hopscotch's Recommendation System) refers to previous work (most often empirical) that has focused on the topic in which you are interested. While much of this work resides within academic journals and books, it may also be found in policy or government research, or in reports produced through foundations, nonprofits, and advocacy organizations."They understand a theoretical framework "as a set of formal theories and their relationships, that helps you to fill the intellectual bins that make up your conceptual framework." Please include below any theoretical framework that you believe could inform the study that you are designing.

Research Approach & Research Design/Tradition

Research Approach & Research Design/Tradition: Finally, you can also include as a search term the particular research design that you are considering for your study.