Descriptive non-experimental visual

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Descriptive non-experimental design
This form will help you define all the components to generate the graphical representation of a Descriptive non-experimental quantitative research design. After filling out this form, you will receive an email with the generated graphical representation in pdf, as well as a permanent link to modify your design when necessary. You can see an example of the final result of the process in the following link:

Descriptive designs are intended to describe a situation or educational reality and / or classify it in a certain category. They are very frequent in education and in general in the field of social sciences. Most of the descriptive studies are carried out through questionnaires or observations. Hence, the two types of descriptive designs that can be carried out are: survey-research and observational studies. An example of a non-experimental descriptive study would be one that intends to answer the following question: What use do teenagers make of their mobile phones throughout the day? In the previous study, it would be interesting to know, for example, the following variables: the daily time dedicated to the mobile phone, and the differential frequency of use of whatsapp, social networks and calls.
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